20 Jewelry Displays You Can DIY
27 november 2015 

20 Jewelry Displays You Can DIY

Are you looking for creative ways to display your jewelry at a market or fair so you can sell more? We selected some nice and inspiring examples that are easy and cheap to DIY. What about an old chair, umbrella or a deck of cards? Endless possibilities.


1. Displaying jewelry on gift tags

By presenting your jewelry like this they will immediately look as a nice gift. You can buy these gift tags in all different colors and sizes or make them yourself. Here the tags are decorated with a piece of lace but you can make them as pretty as you want. You could also add your logo or webshop address (on the back) or leave some room for a personalized message.

Displaying jewelry on bottles

2. Displaying jewelry on bottles

If you are at a market this is probably not the most space efficient way to display all your jewelry but they are nice eye catchers. Don’t be afraid to use different colors, shapes and sizes. Easy and cheap to find at a thrift store or you can just buy plane ones and decorate with glass paint.

Presenting jewelry on clipboards

3. Presenting jewelry on clipboards

You don’t immediately have to hang a whole wall as in this examples, also a couple will look very nice. Easy to make yourself with a piece of wood but also loads of dollar stores have them. You could paint them in the colors of your logo or even with chalkboard paint so you can write the price on it.
Presenting jewelry in a vintage crate

4. Presenting jewelry in a vintage crate

In this photo the crate is hanging from the wall but you can also just stand it upright on a table. Also nice to use multiple crates and stack them to make the most use of the height of your stall. In this example they placed vases in the box to present the bracelets but you can also put some nails at the top and hang your jewelry from there.
Presenting jewelry on a glass bell

5. Presenting jewelry on a glass bell

Used more and more the last couple of years in interior design and shop windows, the glass bell. They just look very stylish and you can change them up very easily if you want something different. You can hang the jewelry from the top (if your glass bell doesn’t have a knob you can just glue one on yourself) or you can place the jewelry inside the bell. In this example they used gift cards which make it look even prettier!
Displaying jewelry on contrasting colors

6. Displaying jewelry on contrasting colors

You will probably be using a white or light surface for your stall because this works best with most items (as long as you don’t use a black surface or cloth, this does NOT work well with jewelry). But if you have jewelry with white or light elements they will blend to much with the background and people will not notice them. By using small items with bright, contrasting colors you will get people’s attention.
Displaying jewelry on a skull

7. Displaying jewelry on a skull

These bohemian style bull skulls have become very popular over the last couple of years. They can be quiet expensive if you get them at an interior design place so better try online or second hand.
Using a hand to display your jewelry

8. Using a hand to display your jewelry

These jewelry hands are a great way to display rings and bracelets and you can buy them cheap at stores like Tiger or a dollar store. Spice them up a bit by spray painting them or decorate with beads or rhinestones.
Displaying jewelry on a tree or branch

9. Displaying jewelry on a tree or branch

Very easy and cheap to make yourself! This one looks particularly pretty because it has been painted white which gives it a very serene look. But I think also gold, pink and mint green would look very nice. Choose either a neutral color or one that matches your logo and/or style of branding.
Presenting jewelry on a chalkboard wall

10. Presenting jewelry on a chalkboard wall

What do you think of this one?! Of course it looks very impressive because it’s been done on a whole wall but also in a smaller format this would work very well. It is not very practical for hanging lots of jewelry, that’s why you should put a bench or table in front of it, but it is guaranteed to stop people for a picture so make sure your name and/or www are written on the wall.
Displaying earring on small cards

11. Displaying earring on small cards

Not only necklaces but also earrings work very well on gift tags. Like this even small stud earrings can become eye catchers and it gives you loads of different ways of presenting them. Like this picture either in a box or on a small stand like a clothesline.

Presenting jewelry on a bottle

12. Presenting jewelry on a bottle

By using a display like this you can hang many necklaces on only a small piece of your table. If you make it high enough you can even present some items underneath. Perfect for when you don’t have as much room.
Chair Jewelry Display

13 What about this?!

This is a real eye catcher! People will definitely stop for a chair that’s decorated like this. See if you have some old unused items of pieces of furniture at home and get creative!
Displaying jewelry on a plateau

14. Displaying jewelry on a plateau

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference. Instead of laying your jewelry directly on a table use a plateau. Make several from wood in different sizes,shapes or even heights if you want. When using plateaus for necklaces you can also ‘ hide’ the back and clap, as you can see in the picture above. This gives the whole thing a much more professional look.
Ubrella Jewelry Display

15. And what about this one?

In sales you have the term ‘icebreaker’, something to start the conversation. Think of something funny and different to get people’s attention and you have an easy conversation starter that will make selling much more easier and your day of selling a lot more fun.
Playing cards as jewelry display

16. Feeling lucky?

Besides gift tags you can use all kinds of cards to display your jewelry. What do you think of these playing cards? Maybe you have some nice holiday cards, vintage photo’s or art cards? Because so many people are selling jewelry these days it is becoming more and more important to not only distinguish yourself with your items but also with your presentation. At least to make people curious enough to actually stop and look at your jewelry.
Lamp jewelry display

17. Something like this..

I like this idea but would have done it somewhat different myself. At the moment it looks a bit messy. With a more modern lamp base and a white or silver trash can turned upside down (you can get these at ikea) i think it would have been much better. If you could put the whole thing on a turning base that would make it close to awesome 😉
Displaying bohemian jewelry

18. Displaying bohemian jewelry

Keep in mind that the way you are displaying jewelry can give items a certain look and feel. It’s also true the other way around, make sure the style of your jewelry matches your displays. Horns and skulls can be great for bohemian style jewelry, for cute flower headbands for children I would choose something else…
Displaying jewelry in a type case

19. Displaying jewelry in a type case

Perfect for displaying loads of different items and used often in interior design. Use one that has a base that is wide enough so it will stand upright on a table and you don’t have to hang it. Use paint or colored paper to create your own style.
PIMP your jewelry displays

20. PIMP your jewelry displays

We all know the basic jewelry displays you can buy pretty much anywhere. Give them a bit of style to make sure you stand out between all those other sellers. What do you think of this idea? So simple to make these collars out of some paper, and they haven’t even been decorated with some lace or glitters yet 😉
What do you think? Got some creative ideas?
Which displays do you think work best?
If you know anybody who is going to sell jewelry at a fair or market feel free to share this post with them 🙂
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