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Barcelona, the city of Gaudi, Picasso, tapas and the beach. If you ask me one of the greatest cities in Europe! It offers a fine mixture of culture, culinary treats, beautiful architecture and of course relaxation on the beach. I visited Barcelona last week to work on a fun new project, and of course I had to check out the beads stores.  Just like in Paris, you can a find a whole street in Barcelona with all kinds of beads stores lined up. Pretty convenient 😉

Carrer de la Boqueria – A whole street filled with beads stores!

In ‘Barri Gotic’, one of the great old districts in Barcelona, you’ll find ‘Carrer de la Boqueria’. This street has beads stores and jewellery shops lined up and is a must see if you’re in town. From special rhinestones to affordable charms, everything can be found here. The street is located close to the ‘Mercat de la Boqueria’; the popular roofed in market at the Ramblas where you score delicious foods. A perfect way to spend your day in Barcelona.

street with bead stores barcelona

The place to be!

bead store-in-barcelona

El Tue Disseny – Beads store in Barcelona

This beads store, like many others abroad, is run by Chinese. The interior does not scream inspiration, their products however, do. Hundreds and hundreds of trays filled with metal jewellery parts and charms, and an extensive collection of gemstones. The strings with gemstones are way cheaper here than I ever encountered in The Netherlands. So if you like to use these types of stones in your designs, be sure to check out this store!

beads in barcelona

I don’t even know where to start..

golden charms beads barcelona

All charms and connectors are available a piece.  

blue gemstones beads barcelona

They offer a huge collection of different gemstone charms and beads that you can buy per string. In the Netherlands these beads tend to be quite expensive, not so much in this store though! For just a couple of Euros you can buy  strings full of the most gorgeous gemstones.   

silver findings beads barcelona

red agate gemstone beads barcelona

Which colours would you pick?

accessory beadstore barcelona

Accesorry – Beads store in Barcelona

A couple of stores down the street you can find this shop where they sell even more jewellery parts. Apart from the more basic items like waxed cord, suede laces and basic jewellery findings they offer an extensive collection of cute and brightly coloured items like charms, wooden beads, tassels, ribbons and feathers.  

peacock feather pendant charms barcelona

What about these awesome peacock feathered charms?

massive bead store barcelona

This is just a peak of what this store has to offer..

colourful beads barcelona

Look at all these lovely coloured beads and beautiful ribbons with patterns that remind us of Ibiza and the Aztecs.

gemstone pendants barcelona

Wow! Look at these gorgeous gemstone charms! Just string them on a piece of ballchain, fix a clasp to it and you are done!

charms beadstore barcelona

Looking for something different? This store will help you out! They literally have hundreds of different kinds of charms in a variety of styles.

ribbon cord beadstore barcelona

strands of beads barcelona

Are you planning on visiting Barcelona soon? I highly recommend checking out this street. Leave the men at home, because you will be entertained for the rest of the day 😉

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Xoxo – Monique

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