Crochet Patterns for the Summer
12 september 2016 

Crochet Patterns for the Summer

Crochet patterns come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Specially for you we have selected the cutest summer patterns. Crocheted bags, tops and accessories keep popping up in the stores more often, but what could be more fun than making these items yourself?

Never done crochet before? No problem! At the bottom of this post you will find an easy tutorial video to help you get started

Summer Crochet Patterns

Have a look at these beautiful examples and get busy with crochet. It won’t be long before you’ll steal the show with your home made headbands or foot jewellery.

crochet pattern bag

1) We can’t go through summer without a new bag 😉 Good excuse to go and make your own gaily festival bag using this pattern of Leafs Creations

Crochet pattern mermaid tail barbie doll

2) How cute is this Barbie outfit! You can make this mermaid tail in every colour you’d like. Great for the kids to play with at the pool this vacation. click here to check out this crochet pattern

crochet pattern pin cushion

3)If you’re new at crochet you might need a pincushion to keep your needles. Make your own using your favourite colours and brighten up your crafts room. The pattern for this pincushion and more can be found at CreJJtion

crochet pattern flowers

4) How could these gorgeous flowers not be in our top 15! These crocheted pink and blue flowers can be attached to skewers and displayed in a vase. This could also make a great personal gift! click here to go the Annemarie’s knitting blog and get the pattern for these flowers

crochet pattern ipad laptop cover

5) You can design your own Ipad case using a variety of bright colours to create a playful effect. We are actually in need of a nice case, so I think we might give this pattern a shot. Want to try it out yourself? Click here to check out different patterns for your Ipad case by LeafsCreations

corchet pattern animals flamingo turtle giraffe rabbit

6) Naturally, our top 15 can’t go without stuffed animals. Thus we selected the cutest four patterns that we found at Alinies shop. Which one do you find the most dinky? We adore the flamingo;)

crochet pattern peacock feathers

7) Brighten up your interior with these crocheted bleu peacock feathers. Attach a string of wool and you can have them dangling from the walls.   check out the pattern here

crochet pattern barefoot sandals

8) with these foot jewelleries you are sure to catch the spotlight at the pool! This crocheted pine-apple will complete your outfit and will definitely make you stand out. Want to try and make your own foot jewellery ? click here to check out the pattern by BySol

crochet pattern mermaid

9) This crocheted mermaid tail cannot be any cuter! Have you always wanted to be a mermaid, or do you think the little girl next door, your daughter or your nice will go nuts over this outfit? Why not check out the pattern here and give it a go!

crochet pattern cushion

10) Can your garden furniture use some primping? Give it a new look with these pretty Ibiza-themed patterns. This way your garden will look on trend for the summer!

crochet pattern heart

11) A heart shape is not too difficult of a crochet pattern. So if you’re still a beginner, this might be a great pattern to start with. Make them in nice bright colours and if you like, you can attach them together using a string of wool. This will create a garland you can to use to decorate your garden. The pattern for the crocheted hearts can be found at Littleduckcompany’s shop

Crochet pattern food hamburger cake pie icecream lobster

12) Summer calls for hosting your dinner parties outside, but have you ever heard of crocheted food? Sure, why not! Crocheted pies, ice cream cones or even a lobster. It can’t get weird enough for us. These crocheted items are great to use as gifts and make for a lovely decor piece on the dinner table. Want to try out these sweet designs? click here to check out the patterns and dig in!

crochet pattern blanket

13) So you want to enjoy the beach and relax on your towel? Don’t we all , but have you ever considered that you might enjoy it even more lying on your own crocheted towel? This pattern is also great to create baby blankets, which will make for a great gift at baby-showers.  Incorporate different shades of pink and blue and you can create a real Ibiza vibe. Click here to check out different patterns for blankets by CreJJtion. She also provides pattern for beanie’s and shawls.

crochet pattern bikini top

14) Knitting your own festival tops is super fashionable! This summer we spot a lot of crop tops and handmade bikini’s. Combine a crop top with high waist trousers and you are ready to go enjoy the summer! Click here to get the pattern for these tops

crochet pattern flower headband

15) The typical festival headband with flowers is a real classic, but not try and give it a twist by making your own crocheted flowery headband? Combine different bright colours to give your creation a playful look.

Video tutorial – How to do Crochet

The video tutorial by Expression Fiber Arts below shows you how simple it is to learn how to crochet. She shows you exactly how to stich and she gives great tips! So pick your pattern and get creative.

What supplies do you need?

corchet needles

Crochet hooks

To get started on your patterns you will need crochet hooks. These come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. The bigger the hook, the wider the stich will become. Curious to see the assortment of hooks from LeafsCreations? Click here.

crochet yarn


Yarn comes in a variety of different materials. The basic and most used material is wool, but some people think this is rather itchy. If you’re one of those people, try merino wool. This doesn’t itch so much.  Click here to see more yarn.

diy tutorial how to crochet - free patterns - stiches to crochet

Did we get you in the mood to do some crochet and are you looking for fun patterns? Harmony Guides has assembled a beautiful book with fantastic photos and tutorials. The book is published in English.  In this book you’ll find crochet patterns to fill up your summer. Curious to see the content? Click here to check out the book.

What do you think?

Which one of these designs did you like best? Have you ever done crochet before? Or can you tell us about other creative hobbies besides making jewellery?

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