How to Make Paper Beads?

Making beads out of paper is very easy to do, and you probably already have all the necessary supplies lying around at home. This a fun idea for an afternoon full of crafting with the kids. But ofcourse, you’ll also be able to make really nice beads that you can use for you own jewellery designs, perhaps in combination with other kinds of beads and materials.

What do you need to make paper beads?

Amongst other things, you could use torn out pages from magazines, wrapping paper or (samples of) wallpaper to make your beads. Additionally, you’ll need skewers or a knitting needle, scissors and glue. Pritt stick is fine to work with when using thin paper.  However, if you’re using thicker material like wallpaper, you’ll need to use a more powerful glue. If you like, you could also set out some transparent nail-polish to give the beads a shiny topcoat.

Making different shapes of paper beads

Cut the paper into strips and wrap these around the knitting-needle. Glue the endings together and let it set to dry. After a little while you can give them a topcoat so the beads become more resistant to scratching and other types of damaging, which will help them stay nice and clean-looking. Using a strip of paper that end in a peak (triangle shape) is the easiest method, but you can try out different shapes to make a variety of beads.

different shapes for paper beads

Video tutorial – Making beads out of paper

In this video tutorial below Potomac Bead Company shows you how simple it is to make your own beads.

Examples or jewellery designs with paper beads

You might have the impression that it is pretty difficult to actually make beautiful beads out of paper, let alone incorporating these into fine jewelleries. Fear not, for we have found these lovely exemplars on Etsy that are sure to boost your inspiration

These beads are great to use for bohemian style designs, but use brightly coloured paper strips with patterns instead and you can make Ibiza-themed bracelets! The great thing about this technique is that you can give it your own personal twist. Furthermore, every bead looks unique!

pastel bracelets with paper beads

These pastel-coloured bracelets are made by JD Crafts Unlimited

black and white necklace with paper beads

This necklace is made by Fantasiasy Papel

multi strand turquoise necklace with paper beads

This multi-layered necklace was made by Banbury Court

purple drop earrings with paper beads

These purple earrings are made by Art n Soul Jewels

memory wire boho bracelet with paper beads

This Bohemian style bracelet using memory wire was made by Joanne Jeanne

necklace with paper beads and pearls

This beautiful necklace made out of paper beads and ribbons was made by Alyx Andrea Design

colourful fair trade necklace with paper beads

This brightly coloured and fair trade necklace was made by Faces of Ghana

long earrings with paper beads

These long earrings are made by Still Rain

black and white statement necklace with paper beads

This black and white statement necklace was made by Paper Melon

blue and mint necklace with paper beads

This gorgeous blue necklace was made by Rock Paper Jewelry

big paper beads bracelet

This bracelet with big paper beads and a tassel was made by Tulips and Sparrows

purple paper bead necklace

This purple necklace was made by Hannahs Hankerings

mint green earrings with paper beads

These mint green earrings were made by Earth Child Art

tekst bracelet

This bracelet with paper beads was made by Tanith

What do you think?

Have you ever made beads out of paper? I’m pretty sure my last time was in primary school, but looking at all these beautiful designs I feel the urge to give it another try soon.

Would you incorporate this kind of beads in your jewellery designs? Please tell us in the comments, we are curious to know.

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