Trendspotting: Patches
Patches are THE trend of this summer! They were hot in the 90’s and they are hot again. We already spotted them on jackets, bags and even made in to necklaces. They come in all shapes and sizes, from cute pink flamingo’s to bohemian skulls, dreamcatchers and even lipsticks with quotes.
Styling tip! If you were an item with patches keep the rest of your outfit fairly plain so it’s not overdone. Wearing a shirt with allot of patches? Then match it with a black leather jacket.
We selected some of our favourite patched items of the moment, which is your favourite?

1 Pink fruit t-shirt – The Musthaves

2  Bomber jack – The Musthaves

3 Black cap – Coolcat

4 Grey Hoodie – Coolcat


5  Black and white t-shirt  – C&A

6 Army Blouse – The musthaves

7 Mint t-shirt – The Musthaves

8 Striped dress – The Musthaves

Feeling like DIY? There’s an endless choice in patches to pimp your fashion items yourself. Most of them are iron on but if it doesn’t have an iron layer just sow it on your outfit with a needle and thread.
What about these patches? Click on the picture to shop :)
These funny patches are from CoucouSuzette. Bananas, cocktails and cactuses.. so cute! They will look great on a denim jacket or even your purse or backpack.
HYVAstickfabrik makes these awesome necklaces from patches. Love this idea! You can make you own with just a patch, jumprings and a necklace from chain or ballchain.
JadeBoylan sells very colourful patches, some of them with funny quotes. In her shop you can also find brooches with colourful patterns and quotes.
With the patches from WildflowerandCompany  you can really make some one of a kind fashion items! She also sells the patches in sets with the same theme like bohemian or mermaid. Make sure to check out this shop!
What do you think of this trend? Are you going to pimp some of your old fashion items?
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